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Lip Enhancement Thunder Bay

At MediAesthetics Thunder Bay, we offer non-surgical Lip Enhancement services using dermal fillers and/or neurotoxins!

Lip enhancement using dermal fillers

The lips are one of the first and most prominent areas of the face that show signs of aging, starting with gradual loss of volume and increased lines that accumulate as time progresses.

As we age, the decreased production of new collagen and elastin make lips appear thinner. They lose the vital subdermal structure needed to remain full and plump. Smoking, sun exposure and genetics can speed up the process of aging and contribute to the appearance of thinner lips, wrinkles and lines.

So what can you do? ⁣

Well for starters if your a smoker consider smoking cessation. Also make sure you protect your lips! Use a daily lip balm, chapstick, or lipstick that contains at least SPF 15 (and don’t forget to reapply!)⁣

Consider Lip Enhancement services such as dermal fillers and/or neurotoxins!

Dermal Fillers:

Injection of specific types of dermal filler to the lips can help to:⁣

-increase lip hydration⁣

-reduce fine lines & wrinkles⁣

-prevent dry cracked lips⁣

-subtly replace lost volume ⁣

- create balance between the upper and lower lip

The goal of Lip Enhancement using dermal fillers is to refresh and rehydrate lips while subtly replacing volume back to the individuals baseline. ⁣

Injection of Neurotoxins such as Botox:

A lip flip is a procedure that uses neuromodulators, such as Botox, to relax a muscle in the upper lip, causing the lip to "flip" and giving the appearance of a fuller upper lip. The procedure is different than getting lip fillers, which are injections directly into the lip, as opposed to above it.

Botox for lip flip

Lip enhancement, when done skillfully, should complement your other facial features by creating facial harmonization and balance. As one of our most requested procedures, we take pride in creating beautiful, natural-looking lips that you can feel confident about.

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We’re adding 1 Revanesse Lip Plumper and Lip Flip to your service!

Plump lips using Revanesse lip plumper

The Revanesse Lip Plumper will dramatically moisturize, nourish and maximize the lips! The Lip Plumper is designed to help increase the appearance of lip volume, redefine the lip contour and enhance your lips natural color!

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