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Designed to give you healthy and glowing skin

Evangeline is a Platelet-Rich-Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) product that provides immediate filler effect using a unique gel which is injected into areas of lost volume. Evangeline produces long-term collagen boosting and skin regenerative effects. Using your own regenerative properties (PRFM), we are using the purest and most natural form of growth factors possible. 

How does Evangeline work?

Blood is drawn from the client into our patented tubes. These tubes have everything required in them to create the Biostimulating matrix or PRFM. We use the same centrifuge process as with standard PRP to extract the Platelet-Rich-Fibrin-Matrix, but we spin it at a lower speed so it separates less. We then inject this liquid gold into the area being treated. Once injected, the liquid gold will begin to transform into a beautiful gel that can be molded and contoured to fill in fine lines, wrinkles, and to create added volume.

Over time, the regenerative properties will begin to release growth factors and boost collagen production. 

What are the benefits of Evangeline?

  • Continuous release of growth factors and collagen production

  • Repairs damaged aging skin and uneven skin tone

  • Restores healthy and plumped skin 

  • Improves the appearance of recessed scars

  • Reduces fine lines around the neck

Evangeline thunder bay, aesthetics thunder bay, medical aetshetics thunder bay, botox thunder bay
Evangeline, Aesthetics, medical aesthetics thunder bay

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments required depends on your skins current state of health as well as what your skin goals/concerns are. On average 1-3 treatments may be recommended 4-6 weeks apart.

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