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Let's Talk: Microneedling, PRP, Morphues8 & Medical Grade Skincare for your neck and décolleté!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Love Your Neck
Neck skincare and treatment options such as Morpheus8, microneedling, PRP microneedling, Botox, Dysport, ZO Skin Health

About the skin on our neck:

The neck has some of the thinnest skin in the body (along with the chest and eyelids). Wrinkles and changes in this area are seen more quickly than in places with thicker skin. Our neck also has fewer sebaceous glands than those in the face, so it doesn’t get the benefit of the natural oils from the glands to moisturize itself.

In the process of aging, skin loses thickness and elasticity as a result of collagen and elastin degeneration and impaired production over time. Skin laxity may be especially apparent on the face and neck due to factors including ultraviolet exposure, facial movement and expression, and change in facial fat distribution with ageing.

Treatment Options:

At MediAesthetics we offer a variety of neck rejuvenation treatment options for varying levels of neck laxity. A consultation will determine which treatment is best for you at your level of ageing.

Some non-surgical treatment options include: Microneedling, PRP and Morpehus8. These treatments specifically target collagen and elastin production which can improve the appearance of sagging skin below your chin or jawline.

Preventative treatments at an earlier age can start with microneedling, while Morphues8 is a more advanced option for those who have skin laxity deemed too mild to require a more invasive traditional facelift. Additional benefits of Morpheus8 include: increased collagen production, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, lifted and tightened skin, little downtime and recovery post treatment!

Morpheus8 treatment of the face and neck, tight skin, before and after Morpheus8

How to care for your neck and décolleté:

We can’t completely prevent neck wrinkles long-term; however, there are steps that you can do to slow down the development of wrinkles. We want to treat our neck area similar to how we treat our face. This includes medical grade skincare products for your neck and décolleté such as: retinol, sunscreen and hydration products!

Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 of higher on your neck everyday, rain or shine, will help to decrease the negative effects of UVA/UVB rays. AND! Don’t forget to re-apply throughout the day and wear sun protective clothing if you’re spending a great day in the sun

with family and friends!

sunscreen, ZO skin health, medical grade products, SPF, retinol, hydration

Retinol, sunscreen, products for face and neck, medical grade skincare

We also want to extend retinol products to our neck! When applying retinol keep in mind the skin on the neck is thinner so you don’t need a lot of product in this area. Like the face if you’re using retinol for the first time on the neck - dryness, redness and peeling are common reactions and will improve with use over time. Retinol is an effective ingredient to use when wanting to target loss of firmness in the skin and can penetrate the deeper layers providing an increase in collagen production!

Finally, adding a boost of hydration is key to keeping the skin looking fresh and plump! Serums, thicker moisturizers and hydrating masks are great for accomplishing just this.

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