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Welcome to MA! Where we talk everything about medical aesthetics!

Updated: Oct 20

At MediAesthetics we're here to enhance your own natural beauty!

Whether you're interested in perfecting your skincare regime or finding a treatment to address specific concerns we're here for you!

medical aesthetics

About US at MediAesthetics!

we want to build a relationship with YOU

An important part of medical aesthetics is building a relationship with YOU and having the ability to deliver the results you’re looking for!

Attending different injectors from different clinics is like hitting the reset button and starting over each time. In our practice, we prepare a personalized treatment plan for each client with attention given to their specific needs. We review this plan at each visit to ensure we are still on track to reach your aesthetic goals.

we take a slow and steady approach

Our nurse injectors don’t work off speed or convenience. It’s important to add additional volume to the face or lips slowly to avoid overfilling. Overfilling dermal fillers will often lead to filler migration, a term used to describe filler that has moved to another area other than the intended injection site. For lip injections, our lips can only hold so much filler and adding too much at once can create the look of “duck lips” or “filler mustache”. Another example, is over filling the under-eye, which can lead to bumps. With filler treatment, if an area is overfilled, then there is tension in the tissue, and the soft gel will make its way out of the area with more pressure into an area of less pressure.

Our nurse injectors will work with you to achieve your aesthetics goals, if you would like additional filler to the treatment area this can be done at a second and possibly third appointment until goals are reached. Follow-up appointments will allow our injectors to assess the healing and tissue tension, if it’s not advisable to add more filler, they will let you know. When aesthetic treatments are preformed considerately they can boost confidence and have a positive impact on self-esteem and mental wellbeing.

we want to follow-up with YOU!

To give your treatment enough time to reach its full potential we generally book follow up appointments 2-3 weeks from your initial appointment. Also, in case of an emergency, our nurse injectors are reachable by phone outside of business hours! We are invested in your aesthetic goals and follow-up appointments are important to assess healing and review next steps!

Book your consultation today and see what medical aesthetics can do for YOU!

Book an appointment online under resources or call 807.345.6537!

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