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A non-surgical solution to contour, rejuvenate & refresh your facial features

Young skin is smooth and elastic because it contains large amounts of hyaluronic acid.  As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin gradually diminishes causing the skin to become dryer, thinner, and more wrinkled.  In addition to these textural skin changes our face loses volume due to collagen breakdown, loss of facial fat & decreased bone mass. The combination of these changes will eventually lead to deepening of facial folds, lines and hollow areas to our face. Although we cannot stop this process form happening we can improve these structural changes with the use of dermal fillers.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a soft gel made up of hyaluronic acid. These hyaluronic acid fillers are almost identical to what our body naturally produces and are completely biologically degradable. Dermal fillers are commonly used to restore lost facial volume and contour specific areas of the face.

How Dermal Fillers Work


Tiny injections of a facial filler product are administered into specific areas of the skin.  Specific products are chosen depending on the areas being treated. For instance, the product which will be best suited to improve vertical lip lines is different from the product used to smooth the folds that occur by the side of nose or mouth.

What are the most commonly treated areas?


Cheeks that have lost volume, Nasolabial  Folds (from the wing of the nose to the angle of the mouth), Marionette lines (frown lines from corner of lips downward) and Lips.


How long will results last for?


Hyaluronic acid fillers will generally last anywhere from 6-18 months depending on the area being treated and the type of product being used.

What should I expect from a Dermal Filler Treatment?


Before treatment, you will receive a complimentary consultation with our Nurse Practitioner who will address your concerns and create a customized treatment plan.  If you decide to have treatment completed our Nurse Practitioner will first apply a topical anesthetic to numb the areas to be treated.  Filler is then injected with a very thin needle into the skin.  Clients may/may not experience temporary swelling, redness or bruising in the treated areas.  These symptoms are minor and will improve within a matter of hours to a few days. 

Do the injections hurt?


Pain is very individualized and dependant to one’s tolerance to pain.  Prior to treatment a topical anesthetic cream is applied, which takes about 20-30 minutes to take effect.  In addition, the products used also contain Lidocaine which provides additional numbing following injection.

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